July and August 2011


Naumann Open House in Pleasant Grove, UT.  We almost got rained out at the very end of the open house.  Good thing the weather held off so that everyone could eat their weight in ice cream!!


Jessica Evans wedding reception.  What a great venue at the Garden Park Ward in SLC.  The grounds were beautiful!!

Trisha Clark Wedding Reception. 10% vanilla ice cream and 14% chocolate ice cream, I am almost certain there were a lot of upset stomachs that night!!

Nicole Peterson Wedding Reception in Cottonwood Heights, UT.  This night was a scorcher!  We had two of our machines there serving Fresh Lime Sorbet, Raspberry Sorbet, Vanilla, and Chocolate ice cream.  One of the best send offs I have seen.  There were enough fireworks to cancel the Sugar House Park fireworks show for good, leave it up to the Peterson boys!!


Courtney McMurray Wedding Reception,  We did vanilla and chocolate ice cream and a lot of fantastic toppings!


The Heidi Cooper Wedding Reception in Woods Cross, UT. Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream.


We catered a wedding reception for Natalie Devine in Pepperwood.  What a fantastic venue and a great family!!  We had 10% vanilla and 10% real strawberry ice cream, I don’t recall hearing a single complaint there!!


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