Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yeppers! All of our machines are double barrel Taylor 162s with two flavors and a middle twist. They are awesome.
Nah. Go big or go home!
Please do. We offer discounts for multiple machines and multiple days. More the merrier.
It is a moving target. Fill out the Reserve Now form and we will let you know if we can do it. Availability will be based on WHERE, WHEN, and HOW MANY, so please ask us to find out for sure.
We have ice creams made from fresh liquid mix and DOLE SOFT SERVE® (which is a powder mix)!
We will deliver, set up, clean up, and pack up, so you don’t even need to get up! Because our machines are 500 lbs each, we do not allow pickups. Why break your own back when we’ve got ours?
Nope. We take care of all of that. Leave the hard work to us – you just sit back and enjoy your perfectly crafted cone.
We will plan to be there at least 1 hour before your event begins to make sure your chosen frozen concoction is flowing with time to spare.
Each machine requires a 220v outlet with at least 20 amps. Think of what a dryer or oven plugs into.
Yes! The generator needs to be at least 10,000 watts and have a 220v plug with at least 20 amps. If you do not have one or rent one, we have generators available for rent with our machines. Our generator will run a single machine, so if you plan to have an event with multiple machines running off generator power you’ll need to rent a larger generator. We can point you in the right direction.
Yes, we provide heavy duty cords to set up your machine a maximum of 175 ft from the outlet in use. No extra charge.
No. The machine is transported on (and remains on) a wheeled cart. It is too heavy to move from the cart. If you would like, you can cover the cart portion with a fancy shmancy tablecloth. We have white ones you can use if you’d like.
No. Absolutely no stairs. Not even little ones. Unless you build a ramp… which customers have done.
Yes, but its hard, so please don’t make us suffer too much.
Yes! However, the machine must be in FULL shade the entire time and if it is hot outside the production may be a little slower.
No, we do not provide any tables, so you will need to arrange for tables.
We offer plain white bowls for no extra charge if you do not have ones of your own.
Heck yes we do! We are Veteran owned and operated and offer a 15% discount to Veterans and Active Duty Military. Just remind us at checkout when we send the final invoice.
No. BUT, our ice cream is like what you’d get at Arctic Circle and the DOLE SOFT SERVE® is the same as what you’d get at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii or at DisneyLand (so with DOLE SOFT SERVE®, you can turn your event into either!)
Its yum. Glenview Farms supplies our fresh liquid ice cream mixes. Dole Whip is the same as what you’d get at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii or at DisneyLand (so with DOLE SOFT SERVE®, you can turn your event into either!)
Because its convenient! Here’s the thing… We know what people prefer in toppings and how much 100 people are likely to use of each topping. You are welcome to provide your own, but you’ll likely have A LOT of leftovers you’ll end up throwing away. Might as well just have us handle the stress and mess of it. PLUS, we can get you stuff you can’t easily get yourself like crushed Reese’s, butterfinger, cookie dough chunks, brownie bits…
We don’t. Who wants fruit when you could have crushed Reese’s, butterfinger, cookie dough chunks, brownie bits…(Also, truth be told… when there is fruit at an event most guests pass it up in favor of something sweeter)
We do not. All the items are special order and many have expiration dates. Extra just provided peace of mind, and that’s worth a lot, right?


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