Ice Cream, collabs, and High-Fives: Navigating Corporate Events Like a Pro

Don't forget dessert.

Welcome, fellow ice cream aficionados and corporate warriors! In this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of corporate event catering. Mystery is perhaps not the right word, since the solution to great corporate catering is unlimited self-serve soft serve. Unlimited smiles are just the bonus. Picture this: You and your team gathering around a commercial ice cream machine excitedly placing bets about who can create the most perfect swirl on a cake cone. Then all of you beaming with joy when you take that first bite of cool, refreshing ice cream or Dole Whip. Not stop imagining and make it happen!

Nearly every good modern company remembers that bringing lunch or breakfast for the hardworking employees is an excellent way to bring them together, get them collaborating, and boost their drive. But what about the dessert!!?? If you think food is good at motivating, just wait til you try unlimited soft serve ice cream and Dole whip!

Trust our few tips (our business is ice cream at your business):

Flavors That Seal Deals:

Handling Brain Freeze During PowerPoint: You’re presenting Q3 projections, and suddenly—brain freeze! Quick tip: Pretend it’s just a strategic pause. Nailed it!

Networking Over Sprinkles: “Hi, I’m Greg from Accounting. Want some sprinkles?” Boom! Instant connection. Sprinkles are the new business cards.

The Soft Serve Handshake: Forget firm handshakes. Offer a mini soft serve cone instead. It’s memorable, and they won’t forget your name (or flavor).

Dress Code: Ice Cream Chic: Ties? Nah. Pocket squares? Overrated. Wear a waffle cone as a lapel pin. You’re the talk of the water cooler.

Remember, corporate events are all about relationships. And nothing bonds people like shared brain freeze, or impressively good Pineapple Dole whip. Go forth, my soft serve diplomats! 🍨👔

In all seriousness, think about how many crappy days of work the average employee endures. The endless drone of getting up, going to work, pushing through mounds of tasks, then going home joyless. Now imagine that you announce to your staff that "This Thursday we will have a soft serve ice cream machine delivered here with Vanilla ice cream and Pineapple Dole Whip. Unlimited servings, help yourself!" Boom! You just changed a freakin' life.

While a catered lunch is good, and a food truck is nice... they are limited. With Phrozen Soft Serve you can give a gift that keeps on giving... for hours, or days, or weeks. Think of the night shift! Think of hard workers who missed lunch! Think of all those poor souls who just want an ice cream cone 6 times a day. Think of Phrozen!

So next time you're the boss of an upcoming event, party, speech, reward ceremony, retirement send-off, or big summer party just think of how much of a hero you're going to be when Phrozen Soft Serve shows up with big machines ready to continuously pump out gallons of sweet deliciousness. You'll be remembered as the person you really brought change to the daily grind and gave everyone something to look forward to while they're plugging away. Good job! Allow me to go ahead and give you the first of many virtual pats on the back.